Thursday, December 29, 2011

Thursday FREEBIES for Writers!!! Woo Hoo!!

Thursday's New Freebies. Get them while you can!  Now that Kindle has Prime it's a little harder to tell when it's an actual free book, so be sure to check. I know these are only free for a limited time.

Write First, Clean Later: Blogs, Articles, & Writing Advice

Publish and Sell Short Articles: 10 tips for success on the Kindle, Nook, iPad, Kobo and Sony Readers

How to Write eBooks Today by Accomplished Author and Attorney, Roy E. Hoover

A Self-Mentoring Checklist for Novelists

Writing in the Fast Lane

Dead On Writing (The How-To Book to Die For)

How I Wrote My First Book: the story behind the story
Meet a Jerk, Get to Work, How to Write Villains and the Occasional Hero
Telling Details, 2nd Edition

Hope you enjoy!!!

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for finding these. I grabbed the ones that looked interesting too me, including the one about the different e-readers and the one you highlighted in your post on KB by Vicki Hinze. Now I have to find time to read them.