Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Look Like a Bestseller-Become a Bestseller...

Well, it's not exactly a freebie, but it is a welcome resource for authors that are on a budget or that need a little help to polish their existing or upcoming books.  For Independent Publishers and Authors finding the resources to compete with traditionally published authors can be daunting. Once Upon a Book Cover is a collaborative of creatives who already understand the unique needs of today's highly competitive marketplace.  You'll find a whole host of services affordably priced with the you in mind. 

Whatever does this have to do with me?  My background is in graphic arts and publishing ( magazine publishing to be specific) When both my debut and second novel both became Kindle Bestsellers in a matter of a few months I began to realize that not everyone knows some of the basic marketing techniques that I do.  It's my nature to be helpful, and I've tried to share my ideas with other author friends several of which can now say they are Kindle Bestsellers and others who've seen a great increase in their progress toward that goal.  Am I personally responsible for their successes? No, but by sharing with them and doing what I could, I do believe I helped shave off some of the time it normally takes to gain the necessary exposure to do so.  Book covers are a very important part of the equation, and I'm still amazed to hear an author say they either don't feel they are or don't think they are important at all.  When pricing could be used as a tool for quick exposure, it might have been different, but I doubt it. Readers have always been influenced by covers be it in a good way or bad. 

If you're on a budget but feel your book really needs a makeover, or you're just about to release your next book and need a little help. Please contact me at tammiecgibbs@yahoo.com and let's talk. I am taking on a select number of new clients and would love to discuss your future plans for yourself and for your books. My service goes beyond just designing a cover to trying to give you an edge over your category competition.  If you have the desire, I have a plan and would love to ride with you straight to the top of the bestseller lists.

Then visit me at http://www.onceuponabookcover.com to find other creatives for your editing, blurb, book trailer and stock photo needs.  The site is growing by leaps and bounds and just waiting for you.